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Single-sided, double-sided, 4 and 6 layer boards are manufactured to IPC Class 2 standard, and can be made RoHS compliant.
The table lists the double-sided FR4 material we have in stock.

Cu Cladding (µm) Base material thickness (mm)
3.2 2.4 2 1.6 1.2 1 0.8 0.5 0.3 0.2
Y Y   Y     Y Y Y  
Y Y   Y     Y Y Y  

We have the following FR4 single-sided base material in stock:

  • 1.6mm thick with 35 µm or 70 µm Cu cladding
  • 1.0mm thick with 35 µm Cu cladding

We have the capacity to process the following materials:

  • Arlon,
  • Rogers
  • metal clad, and
  • flexible, in some applications (please enquire).
The customer must supply these materials. If there are any other materials which the customer would like to be used in the manufacturing process they are invited to discuss this with us.

The following represents the maximum board sizes (mm) we can manufacture for each of the respective processes:

  • V-Score 450 x 250
  • multilayers 270 x 200
  • routed or cut and sanded 480 x 300
  • gold-plated 285 x 215

The following are our preferred minimum manufacturing specifications:

  18 and 35 µm Cu 70 and 105 µm Cu
clearances between tracks/pads 8 Thou (0.2 mm) 12 Thou (0.3 mm)
copper clearance from edge of board for routing 4 Thou (0.1 mm) 4 Thou (0.1 mm)
copper clearance from edge of board for V.score 20 Thou (0.5 mm) 20 Thou (0.5 mm)
minimum track thickness 8 Thou (0.2mm) 12 Thou (0.3 mm)
annular ring 10 Thou (0.25mm) 14 Thou (0.35 mm)
legend line width 8 Thou (0.2 mm) 8 Thou (0.2 mm)
legend letters 1.3 mm x .11 mm 1.3 mm x 1.1 mm
via and smallest hole size 16 Thou (0.4 mm) 24 Thou (0.6 mm)
multilayer annular ring for inner layer 10 Thou (0.25 mm) 14 Thou (0.35 mm)

If you have more demanding requirements please contact us at +27 (0)21 7628036 or sales@whcircuit.co.za

Gerber files which can go straight to production avoid delays!

  • Separate Gerber files for each layer required in the manufacturing process.
    (If the preferred Gerber format of RS-274X has not been used please supply a complete aperture list of all the Dcodes and shapes used in the specific job.)
  • Indicate non-through hole plated holes and internal slots and cut outs very clearly on a drawing.
  • A detailed document file of any special setups required for manufacture or any requirements that may be more demanding than our preferred standard Manufacturing Standards.
  • Use Flashes instead of Draws. If we need to increase or decrease a pad size etc., it can easily be done by changing the D-code, however, if they are done with draws it becomes an impossible task!
  • Ensure that no silkscreen falls on any pads as this could affect the soldering process. Avoid printing the component outlines, especially if you are using automatic assembly.
  • All vias should be closed, i.e. no soldermask pads for vias.
  • Inner layer Gerber files for multilayers must be submitted as positives i.e. ground plane must be in black. Please supply generous clearances between the drilled hole wall and any inner layer conductive feature, minimum 0.25mm for 35 micron cu and a minimum of 0.35 mm for 70 and 105 microns of copper.
  • Send pcb�s in single, not stepped up format. Send outline only of preferred stepped up rotation of boards on panel, but do not step them up, we will do the stepping up!
  • Routed boards have a 2.5mm gap in between each board.
  • V.score boards have no gaps in between each of the boards.

The following are our preferred data formats:

  Gerber data format Drill data format
Format RS-274X Excellon
Type Absolute Absolute
Digits Integer Integer 2 Integer 2
Decimal 4 4
Zero Suppression Trailing Trailing
Units English (Inch) English (Inch)

If you have any finer manufacturing requirements please contact sales@whcircuit.co.za.

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